Companies, productions and agencies who trust me :

Partizan, Royal Post, Zorba, Editors, Chez Louis, Chez Eddy, Crac TV, D-Touch, Else/TBWA, Fast Fokus, FK Studio, Imagin Films, Imagina Studio, Future East Mumbai, Nightshift, Reepost, PVS, Tender Night, Sleepless Productions, DDB, Herezie, La PAC…

Thibaut also teaches color theory and color grading at ERACOM Art and Communication school in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“I’ve been working in the exciting world of post-production for 15 years now. I first started as a digital compositor on movies, video games cinematics, animated projects, commercials and so on. In an attempt to include my passion for both analog and digital photography in my work I have started to focus on the image in itself and I found in digital color grading an amazing tool to do just that. In 2010 I have been offered the great opportunity to color grade a short movie and from this day on I have never left dark color grading rooms.”

I color grade using DaVinci Resolve, Baselight and Lustre